DIY Ornaments with Sunglasses

DIY Ornaments with Sunglasses

I know I say this a lot but winter in SoCal isn't exactly a winter wonderland. We never get snow where I live and we're still in full sunglasses mode over here. But hey I found inspiration in that and that's how I came up with these cute DIY sunglasses ornaments. If I had the opportunity to make an actual snowman, I would probably accessorize him with a cute pair of sunnies (because the poor guy would need them out here 😆). This DIY is a super fun and easy one and I highly recommend it for an ornament decorating party or to give to friends and family as a darling handmade gift.

What You'll Need

Heart Hole Puncher (.61in)

Heart Hole Puncher (3/8in)

White Ceramic Tree and Snowman Ornaments

Construction Paper in Black and Any Colors You Want Your Sunglasses To Be




How To

Step 1) Paint your ornaments any color you like. You can do different colors or keep them all the same - it's up to you!

Step 2) Using your heart hole punchers, cut out two of the .61in. hearts and two of the 3/8in. hearts for each ornament. The smaller hearts should be black because they are the inside of the sunglasses but the bigger hearts can be any color you want.

Step 3) Glue the smaller hearts inside of the bigger hearts. Then glue them side by side onto your ornaments.

Step 4) Add some colorful string and hang them up on your tree!

Wishing you all a joyful holiday season!