How To Make Heart Shaped Chocolate Chips

Chocolate chip cookies are my all time favorite dessert so I thought it would be fun to give them a little Valentine's Day twist this year. Using a mould, I was able to create tiny heart shaped chocolate chips - and let me tell ya, it definitely kicks the presentation up a notch!

How To Make Heart Shaped Chocolate Chips

If you're looking to wow your special someone this Valentine's Day, keep on reading to learn how to make your own heart shaped chocolate chip cookies, too!

What You'll Need

This Heart Mould

Your Favorite Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe (Mine is from this book)Heart Shaped Chocolate Chips

How To

Step 1) Set aside a good amount of chocolate chips for the heart mould - if you purchased the mould I linked above, be sure to fill the small hearts with the melted chocolate as they are more of a chocolate chip size than the bigger ones. Melt your chocolate chips according to package instructions and then fill your heart moulds with the melted chocolate. Bang your mould against the counter a few times to get out any air bubbles and then place it in the freezer for several hours.

Step 2) Bake your chocolate chip cookies and be sure to add chocolate chips to the batter as your recipe requires.

Step 3) While the cookies bake, remove your heart chocolate chips from your mould. When the cookies are done and still warm, push the heart shaped chocolate chips into the cookies.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

And you're all done! Make these for Valentine's Day, an anniversary - or heck, just because they're cute! They are so worth it.