DIY Halloween Costume Peg Dolls

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Anyone else out there love making costumes?

Peg Dolls

This year I thought it would be so fun to make mini versions of costumes - with peg dolls! There is so much room for creativity with this DIY so you can design any costume you like. My favorites of the bunch I made are the Hershey Kiss and Mickey Pumpkin (of course). I just can't get over how tiny they are! Definitely thinking I'll be making more of these in the future, but if you want to learn how to make the ones I did, keep on reading!Styled Peg Dolls

What You'll Need

For The Hershey Kiss

Peg Doll (Linked is similar)

Foil + Scissors

Colorful Wool (For The Hair)

1 Hershey Kiss Wrapper

Hot Glue Gun

For The Cupcake

Peg Doll (Linked is similar)

Cupcake Wrapper + Scissors


Colorful Felt (For The Sprinkles/Cherry Stem)

Colorful Wool (For The Hair)

Pink or Red Felt Ball

Hot Glue Gun

For The Mickey Pumpkin

Peg Doll (Linked is similar)

2 Orange Felt Balls

Colorful Wool (For The Hair)

Ping Pong Ball + Scissors

Orange Paint

Black, Yellow, Green, and Brown Felt

Hot Glue Gun + Regular Glue

For The Mrs. Pac-Man

Peg Doll (Linked is similar)

Yellow, Black, Red Cardstock + Scissors

Black Felt ( For The Strap)

Colorful Wool (For The Hair)

Hot Glue Gun + Regular Glue

How To

Hershey Kiss

Begin by giving your peg doll more of a Hershey Kiss shape by wrapping + gluing foil around the bottom half (making it more rounded). Then, glue foil all around the peg doll's body, covering that base foil piece. Glue on some wool hair and then create a mini hat out of foil that resembles the top of a Hershey Kiss. Add a little Kisses banner from an actual Hershey Kiss to the hat and then glue it on top of your doll's hair.

Peg Dolls In Costume


Cut a slit out of your cupcake wrapper so that it goes down one side and halfway through the bottom. Then, cut out the bottom and then glue the wrapper around your doll's body. You can trim off any excess if you need. Hot glue on some cotton so that it looks like a cupcake and add little felt sprinkles. Add some colorful wool hair to your doll and then glue a stem to your felt ball so that it looks like a cherry. Finish by gluing the cherry on top of your doll's hair.

Mickey Pumpkin

Carefully cut a hole out of the top and bottom of a ping pong ball so that it fits easily + snug over your peg doll. Remove it from your doll and paint it orange and add a little Mickey face to it with regular glue and yellow felt. Then, use regular glue and add two orange felt balls as the ears. Let it dry completely. Cut out a black strip so that it looks like a strap holding the costume around the doll's neck. Once dried, put the mickey pumpkin over your doll and glue on the black strap around the neck. I didn't glue the costume onto the doll because it fit snug on its own. Then cut a little brown stem and a leafy part out of your felt and glue them together. Add colorful wool hair to your doll and add the little headpiece on top.

Peg Doll Close Up

Mrs. Pac-Man

Cut out the Mrs. Pacman shapes from your cardstock and glue them together. Then cut out a black strap out of felt and glue it around your dolls neck like it will be holding the costume up. Attach Mrs. Pac-Man to the ends of your black strap so that it stays on the front of your doll. Then, cut out another bow out of red cardstock. Add colorful wool hair to your doll and hot glue the bow on top.

Peg Dolls Wearing Costumes

And that's it! Happy Halloween everyone!

Peg Dolls