Christmas Light Bulb Stockings

Christmas Light Bulb Stockings

The other day a light bulb went off in my head (hah) when I realized how fun it would be if stockings were shaped like things other than, well stockings! 

I made these Christmas Light Bulb Stockings with very few supplies and they even held up great when I filled them with goodies for a test run. I used Beacon Adhesives Felt Glue for this project and let me tell you, once that glue is completely dry, it holds up pretty strong!

You can write names on these, have your family pick their favorite color for their stocking, or you can alternatively make these and give them to people as gift bags filled with little gifts! Whatever you choose to do, they’ll be sure to brighten up the holidays!

What You'll Need

Beacon Adhesives Felt Glue


Per Stocking:

One 12x18in Stiffened White Felt sheet

Two 12x18in Stiffened Felt Sheets in the color of your choice

How To

Step 1) Grab two felt sheets in the same color. On one sheet, draw a light bulb shape and then cut it out. Then, trace the light bulb shape that you just cut out onto your second felt sheet and cut that one out so that you end up with two. For me, each lightbulb was about 15 1/2 inches long and 8 3/4 inches wide at the widest point.

Step 2) On your white felt, draw a shiny spot and cut it out. Then, use your felt glue to glue it on one of your light bulb sheets like in the image above.

Step 3) On the piece that does not have the shiny spot, draw a line of glue like in the image above (don’t be shy with the glue). Make sure you do not glue the top part shut because that is going to be the opening of your stocking! Press the light bulb with the shiny spot on top of the piece you just added glue to and let it dry completely.

Step 4) On your white felt, draw and cut out two pieces that resemble the top of a light bulb. For me, this piece was about 4 1/2 inches long and 7 inches wide. Then, glue those pieces together. I glued two pieces together because it was less transparent that way. Finish off by gluing this onto the front of your stocking like shown above.

Step 5) Cut a rectangular strip out of white felt. For me, this piece was about 5 inches long and 1 1/4 inches wide. Add felt glue to one end like pictured above and press it down onto the top middle part on the back of your stocking. Let it dry completely! Then add glue to the other end of the rectangular strip leaving the middle without any glue. Push the end down onto the felt so that the middle is folded up (again see images above). Put a heavy book on the end that you just glued until it is completely dry. This piece is what I used to hang my stocking up over my fireplace but you can do whatever you think will work best for your home.

Now all that’s left are the stocking stuffers! Merry Christmas everyone!

This post has been sponsored by Beacon Adhesives. All opinions are my own.