DIY Sequin Art

DIY Sequin Art

I love working with sequins. You get glitz, you get glam, and Fran Drescher always just seems to come to mind. (Any other Fran fans out there?)

I started this DIY Sequin Art project using spare sequins I had laying around in my craft closet. For the eye art piece, I glued the sequins on one by one.....yes, I said one by one. I know, it wasn't very practical but if you enjoy a good puzzle every now and then like I do, you won't mind it too much. BUT, if you'd rather work more efficiently (like wayyyy more efficiently) I would recommend buying rolls of sequins. I used sequin rolls for the honey bear and heart sunnies and let's just say the process was much faster.

I love this DIY because the possibilities are truly endless. Don't be afraid to get creative if you choose to make your own sparkly piece!

What You'll Need


Sequin Rolls

Sequin Glue

Paint Colors of Your Choice

Small Art Canvases

How To

1) Paint your canvas any color you like.

2) Once the paint has dried, sketch your design out in pencil on your canvas. You can trace shapes or free hand them. (Don't worry about pencil lines, you will add sequins on top to cover the sketch completely.)

3) Pour glue over your sketch a little section at a time and follow along with your sequin roll. When you finish with a sequin color, just cut if off from the roll and tuck in the string if it looks out of place on your canvas. Keep doing this until you have achieved your desired look.

4) Let it dry and you're all set with a blingy new work of art!

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