DIY Mickey Ear Easter Eggs

Want to add a little Disney magic to your Easter eggs this year? Try adding some miniature DIY Mickey ears!

DIY Mickey Ear Easter Eggs

You can replicate the ears I made or make your own based off of any Disney character you like! All you need are a few supplies and some miniatures that you can easily find in the dollhouse section of your local craft store. Be sure to tag me in your creations on Instagram - I'd love to see what styles you make!Styled Eggs

What You'll Need

Eggs (I used colorful fake ones)

Glitter Craft Foam in Pink, Blue, and Green



Miniature Pumpkin, Forks, Bow, and Seashell (Check the dollhouse section of your local craft store for even more fun supplies you can use)Close Up

How To

Step 1) Cut strips and circles out of your craft foam similar to the image below. Glue them onto your eggs so that they look like Mickey ears. Get creative and add fun miniature props to create any design you like. That's all there is to it!


Happy crafting everybody!Colorful Styled Eggs

Mickey Ear Eggs

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