DIY Punny Mug Gift Idea For Teachers

Looking for the perfect DIY gift idea for teachers? This cute and punny teacher appreciation gift is a great way to say thank you during Teacher Appreciation Week!

DIY Punny Mug Gift Idea For Teachers

When I first saw these mugs I knew immediately that I wanted to add punny plant sayings to them with my Cricut. I went with "Succa For Teaching" for this project but here are a few more phrases you could use for Teacher Appreciation Week:

Succa For Science (Or You Can Choose Any Subject)

Don't Stop Be-leafin'

Hey Smarty Plants

One Plantastic Teacher

Keep Growing

DIY Teacher Gifts don't have to be complicated and a handmade touch always makes it extra special. A small gesture goes a long way to say thank you for all of their hard work. To learn how to make this easy teacher appreciation gift, too - keep on reading!

What You'll Need

Flower Pot Mug

Cricut Maker, Explore, or Joy Machine

Permanent Vinyl in desired colors

Transfer Tape


Design Space File

How To

Step 1) Open the Design Space File linked above and cut out each piece from the file with your Cricut Machine.Cricut Machine

Step 2) Weed out the excess material from your pieces.Weeding Vinyl

Step 3) Combine/layer all three pieces using the circles on top as a guide. Do this by making sure all 3 circles line up evenly on top of one another to create the final layered image.Vinyl

Step 4) Remove the circles from the top of your final design since they were just a layering guide. Apply transfer tape to the design and place it on your mug. Press down to make sure the vinyl grips onto the mug and then carefully lift up the transfer tape to see your completed design!Transfer Tape Mug

Teacher Appreciation Mug