DIY Marbled Acorns

DIY Marbled Acorns

Happy Fall y'all! I love this time of year because of pumpkin spice and everything nice - and if I may say so, these DIY Marbled Acorns definitely fall into the category of everything nice.

I've partnered up with Darice today to show you how you can make your own marbled acorns, too! These acorns add the perfect touch of color to your Fall decor in such a beautiful yet subtle way.

I added mine to a decorative pinecone assortment that I had and I love how the mixture turned out. If you're a fan of color like me, this is definitely a craft for you!

What You'll Need

Marabu Easy Marble Paint (in desired colors)

Small Acorns

Darice Golden Brown Paint

Wooden Skewer

Disposable Gloves

Bowl (that you don't mind getting messy)


Cardboard Pieces

How To

Step 1) Gather all of your supplies except for the paintbrush and paint. Then, fill your bowl with room temperature water and put on your disposable gloves.

Step 2) Shake and add your Marabu Easy Marble Paint one color at a time into the water. The first color that you put in will be the base color. You can add as many colors as you like but I mostly did 3 colors at a time for my acorns. You should add the most of the first color and then pour the rest of the colors towards the middle of the base color (see images above).

Step 3) Once you have added all of your desired colors, use your wooden skewer to swirl them around. Don't think about it too much, just give them a good swirl.

step 4) Dip your acorns into the paint mixture one at a time. Once you dip an acorn, use your finger to swirl away any excess paint remaining around it. Then, lift your acorn out of the water and set it aside to dry. You can keep dipping acorns up until you run out of paint and then just follow step 5 below before you add more paint. Note: I didn't completely submerge my acorns into the mixture because I knew I wanted the shell to be a different color. I didn't mind if some paint got on the shell though because again, the paint would just cover it up later.

Step 5) When the paint starts to run low in your bowl, just swipe a piece of cardboard around in the water to remove any of the remaining bits. It will clean it all up! No need to change your water, just add another batch of colors and repeat until you're done!

Step 6) Once your acorns are completely dry, use your Darice Golden Brown Paint to paint over the shells. Let them dry once more and then they are ready to be displayed!

Wishing you all a Happy Fall Season!

This post has been sponsored by Darice. All opinions are my own.