DIY Peeps Easter Basket

DIY Peeps Easter Basket

This year Easter is definitely going to be different but I'm still determined to have a fun little Easter Egg Hunt indoors with just my husband. I've been toggling with the idea of a Peeps shaped Easter basket for awhile now and I decided that my time in quarantine was finally the time to bring my concept to life. Isn't it the cutest?! Whether you're a fan of peeps or not, I think we can all agree that this is one awesome Easter basket.Peeps Easter basket filled with chocolate.

What You'll Need

Wooden Peep Cutouts (2)

Yellow Paint + Paintbrush

Black Construction Paper

Scissors + Heavy Duty Glue

Bass Wood + Craft Knife

String (the thicker the better for holding)

Holding Peeps Easter basket.

How To

Painting a wooden peep.

Step 1) Paint your wooden peeps yellow on both sides and allow to dry completely.

Adding a face to the peep cutout.

Step 2) Cut three circles out of black construction paper and glue them onto both peeps to create a face.

Creating the box portion of the peep.

Step 3) Very carefully cut your bass wood using a craft knife. You will need 2 rectangles to make up the sides of the basket and one smaller square for the bottom. Paint these pieces yellow on both sides and allow to dry completely.

Putting the peep basket together.

Step 4) Assemble your box so that it looks like the image above. Use a heavy duty glue and go piece by piece, holding each one in place until the glue has set.

Adding the second peep to the Easter basket.

Step 5) Complete the basket section by gluing your second peep on top like in the image above.

Creating the handles for the basket.

Step 6) Cut two small rectangles out of your bass wood using a craft knife like in the image above and paint them yellow on one side. Then, cut some string to create the handles - you can make them as long as you'd like!

Completing the handles for the basket.

Step 7) Complete your basket by gluing your handles on like in the image above. Use your heavy duty glue for this and hold your pieces down until you feel like the glue has formed a strong bond. Note: If you want your basket to be able to stand upwards alone, you can add an additional piece of bass wood to the bottom for support.

Peeps Easter basked styled.

Wishing you all a Happy Easter!

Peeps Easter basket with goodies.