DIY Troll Valentines

DIY Troll Valentines

Where are all the 90's kids at?! Today I'm showing you how you can make these DIY Troll Valentines - 100% inspired by the classic 90s troll toys. These valentines really crack me up and they're perfect for anyone who loves a good throwback.

Keep on reading for the full how-to!

What You'll Need

Wooden Troll Cutouts

Colorful Wool

Small Jewels


Beige Paint + Paintbrush

How To

Step 1) Paint your troll cutouts a beige color and allow to dry completely.

Step 2) Glue a small jewel onto the stomach of your troll. (A heart shaped jewel would be perfect for V-day!)

Step 3) Shape some colorful wool so that it looks like hair and glue it onto your troll.

And you're all set! Happy Valentine's Day everyone! ❤️